Copyright © 1987 - 2016   CAE-FEM :   own patents had been claimed and were granted in different countries.

100 p.c.  throughout  digital design, optimisation  development before pre-series prototyping.    Tested by Tennis Profis.

Functional separation:

energetic oval for the ball,

calm handle for the player,

titanium miniature ball and socket joint interface





arm protective, less force.

FEM-Dynamics --->

multi-layerd composite model and optimized   pre-series racquets.

25.000  dof, 12 modes on Notebook 2013 : 8 min. CPU  (Vax Station:  dto.  16 hrs).


Idea - invention - patents up to pre-series  1987 -  1992.

Fully designed, optimised, qualified by  IT throughout,

before final prototyping and tennis profi tests.

High-Energy               Soft-Racquette